56th ICA Conference

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The 56th ICA Conference took place in Singapore, 14th-16th of September, 2022 marking a great return for the Organization to the in-person annual meetings!

Themed “Looking ahead to 2030; the digital playbook,” the ICA network of CIOs discussed topics that governments are called to address in ensuring robust digital governance. Some of the topics included:

  • People and Workforce Transformation Systems and preparing for the future of work;
  • Data Sovereignty and Cloud;
  • eID & eWallet;
  • Country Reports on Digital Identity: Self-sovereign identities, security, trust and international standards for interoperability;
  • Innovative Tech- AI & practical use cases;
  • Architecting platforms and systems for event driven services -Impact and strategy for technical debt and legacy systems | modernization;
  • GovTech Framework in global economies;
  • Real-Time Economy in the public sector.

The format of the conference was hybrid in order to enable our members to attend, where physical presence was not feasible. You can have a look at the full agenda at this link.

More updates on outcomes coming soon!

We look forward to seeing you at the 57th ICA Conference, scheduled to take place in Belgium!

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