Looking Ahead!

52nd ICA Conference | Transforming Nations from e to d to AI

The road from eGovernment to dGovernment. In recent years the public sector through innovative methods is expected to provide a more citizen driven and service oriented government. In the name of eGovernment citizens looked for better service delivery while governments looked ahead to the next trend. Digital government is the catch phrase that keeps governments in the “race” now but what comes with this Digital Transformation? And is AI the next leap for only the major leagues?

During the 52nd conference in Finland, we examined how digitisation is transforming governments. Government CIOs along with experts, from academia, international organization community and industry, looked at real-world practices of digital transformation and discussed how Artificial Intelligence stands to bring value to this evolution.

And while citizen experience is one of the key drivers in this journey, we took a look at how government agencies are using technology to collect data and keeping it safe, make intelligent decisions for personalized service while also considering ethics, legal, soft and hard infrastructure, human resources and capacity building among others.

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