The International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration (ICA) is an international non-profit association based in Belgium. It promotes and facilitates the informal exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences on management and the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in central government administration. ICA is an international forum that supports senior management in the formulation of IT policy to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of governments at local level.

The ICA Annual Conference brings together world‘s governmental information officers (CIOs), ICA members and delegates to exchange their know-how and practices, create content, consult and forecast IT trends for future governments. Each year a different member country hosts this event during which ICA national representatives explore a variety of ICT themes. Participants report on recent IT developments of interest in their own countries through formal presentations, workshops, expert panels and round table sessions.

ICA also establishes study groups to consider, in greater depth, the subjects of particular interest to member countries. These study groups are organised from several selected members with different ICT experiences and backgrounds. A formal report is created, describing the results of research conducted across the member countries, including findings and recommendations, which is presented during the annual conference.