Previous Conferences

2023: 57th ICA Conference
Digital Services: Going from Smart to Intelligent and Beyond

2022: 56th ICA Conference
Looking ahead to 2030; The digital playbook

2021: 55th ICA Conference
The New Normal: A radical leap to digital, one giant step for digital society.

2020: 54th ICA Conference
Scaling Towards a Future-Ready Government: People-Tech-Governance

2019: 53rd ICA Conference - Bucharest, Romania
Seamless Government | anticipating citizens’ needs

2018: 52nd ICA Conference - Helsinki, Finland
Transforming Nations - from e to d to AI

2017: ICA 51st Conference - Tokyo, Japan
Bold Digital Government- Leading through disruption

2016: ICA 50th Golden Anniversary Conference - Medellín, Colombia
Digital Government: Designing for the citizen experience

2015: ICA 49th Conference - Stockholm, Sweden
Unleashing mobile government - addressing societal challenges

2014: ICA 48th Conference - Ottawa, Canada
Smart Investments for Future Digital Government

2013: ICA 47th Conference - Lisbon, Portugal.
Future Ready Government – Navigating the Changes

2012: ICA 46th Conference - Jerusalem, Israel
Connected Society – Bridging the Gap

2011: ICA 45th Conference - Taipei, Taiwan
Innovative Government – Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

2010: ICA 44th Conference - Washington, DC, United States of America
Open Government – Making It Work

2009: ICA 43rd Conference - Brussels, Belgium
Leveraging ICT in Government to Address Economic Instability

2008: ICA 42nd Conference - Seoul, South Korea
Anticipating the Challenges of Our Next Generations

2007: ICA 41st Conference - Dublin, Ireland
Building Trust through Transformational Government

2006: ICA 40th Conference - Guadalajara, Mexico
Whole Of Government - Filling the Holes

2005: ICA 39th Conference - Salzburg, Austria
Anticipating the Citizen's Needs in the 21st Century

2004: ICA 38th Conference - Limassol, Cyprus
E-Gov FAQs: Searching for the Right Answers

2003: ICA 37th Conference - Tallinn, Estonia
Real-time Government: Collaboration at the next level

2002: ICA 36th Conference - Singapore
Innovating and Transforming Government through Information Technology

2001: ICA 35th Conference - Sydney, Australia
Integrated Service Delivery: Changing the Role of Government

2000: ICA 34th Conference - Ontario, Canada
Government Solutions for an Interconnected World

1998: ICA 32nd Conference - Helsinki, Finland
At the gates of Millennium - Taking  stock

1997: ICA 31st Conference - Sydney, Australia
Integrated Service Delivery - Changing the rôle of Government

1996: ICA 30th Conference - Budapest, Hungary
Electronic Government in the Information Society

1995: ICA 29th Conference - Malta
Getting the most from IT

1994: ICA 28th Conference - Vienna, Austria
Redefining and redesigning the business of government 

1993: ICA 27th Conference - Versailles, France
IT in Public Administration - Competing for quality

1992: ICA 26th Conference - Jerusalem, Israel
IT Coordination and Cooperation

1991: ICA 25th Conference - Atlanta, USA
Anniversary Conference. The economics of IT in government – are the benefits real? 

1990: ICA 24th Conference - Interlaken, Switzerland
Management of the IT function

1989: ICA 23rd Conference - Oslo, Norway
Renewal and modernisation of public administration 

1988: ICA 22nd Conference - Estoril, Portugal
Office information systems today - reality and expectations

1987: ICA 21st Conference - The Hague, The Netherlands
Strategic planning for IT - getting value from information

1986: ICA 20th Conference - Bonn, Germany
Information technology for the end-user

1985: ICA 19th Conference - Madrid, Spain
New opportunities offered by network technology

1984: ICA 18th Conference - Nicosia, Cyprus
Policies and strategies for information processing in government 

1983: ICA 17th Conference - Vedbaek, Denmark
Automated decision support systems for administration

1982: ICA 16th Conference - Killiney, Ireland
Organising for information processing in government

1981: ICA 15th Conference - Malmö, Sweden
Privacy, data protection and administrative efficiency

1980: ICA 14th Conference - Jerusalem, Israel
Office automation in government

1979: ICA 13th Conference - Bath, UK
Managing scarce ADP resources in government administration

1978: ICA 12th Conference - Helsinki, Finland
Managing mini & micro revolution

1977: ICA 11th Conference - Brunnen, Switzerland
Changing rôle of central bodies concerned with ADP in government

1976: ICA 10th Conference - The Hague, The Netherlands
Anniversary Conference. ADP in government – achievements and prospects

1975: ICA 9th Conference - Alcalá de Henares, Spain
Public administration data bases

1974: ICA 8th Conference - Paris, France
Interdependence between public data processing and social milieu 

1973: ICA 7th Conference - Ottawa, Canada
Structure of governmental ADP policy, procurement etc

1972: ICA 6th Conference - Berlin, Germany
Relations and informatics between different levels of government 

1971: ICA 5th Conference - Rome, Italy
Long term planning - impact of communications on government ADP 

1970: ICA 4th Conference - Washington DC, USA
Management information systems for government, the legislature, procurement etc 

1969: ICA 3rd Conference - Jerusalem, Israel
Formulation ADP policy, organisational structure, ADP in economic and social planning etc 

1969: ICA 2nd Conference - Oslo, Norway
Definition of ICA activities

1968: ICA 1st Conference - Edinburgh, UK
Inaugural Conference