54th ICA Conference

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Over the past decade, due to the expansion of technology-driven innovation, the public sector has seen an unprecedented shift in tech-enabling governance and organisational narratives, often pushing us beyond our comfort zones. Our customers/citizens have become inseparable from their mobile devices that are capable of providing and processing an overwhelming flow of information. Digital experience, analytics, and cloud are enabling technologies that have proven their value within the public domain and have recently been the basis of numerous successful strategies across the board to tackle crisis such as the recent pandemic with COVID-19. Nevertheless, there is a painful strain that exists between the possibilities of adopting existing novel technologies and transformative organisational models with the responsible exploration of domains that will make us responsive, agile while sustaining a human interface with our customers. Are we ready?

The theme of this year´s ICA annual conference is "Scaling Towards a Future-Ready Government: People-Tech-Governance." We will focus on the stumbling block of tackling the unknowns with all the knowns. We will discuss how innovation, collaboration and frameworks can help to scale the knowns with the speed in demand to address the unknowns. We will also be looking at the maturity of the digital DNA in order to take stock of readiness. Exponential organizations have developed these core elements as part of a cultural shift that enables them to react flexibly to change with 'new ideas' and 'scaling' that will essentially empower an exponential organisation to adapt to change on a massive scale..

September 9th at 05:30 - 08:00 CEST
Maturity of digital DNA - Taking stock of readiness

September 10th at 13:00 - 15:30 CEST
Governance & People

November 25th at 12:30 - 14:30 CET
Country Report Day

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