Country Reports 2020

Country Report Day


A traditional segment of the ICA annual conference is the sharing of our Member States’ Country Reports. The 54th ICA Conference themed "Scaling Towards a Future-Ready Government: People-Tech-Governance" took place on the 9th and 10th of September. The virtual event brought together members of the ICA community and colleagues from all around the world to discuss innovation, collaboration and the creation of frameworks that can help to scale the knowns with the speed in demand to address the unknowns.

A full report of the Conference findings will be shared along with the Country Report Summary.

During the Country Report Day to take place on Wednesday the 25th of November at 12:30 CET, each MS will present their country’s report with an effort to focus as much as possible on the following:

  • Digital actions taken with regards to COVID-19? What were the lessons learnt?
  • Changes to the working environment within your Agency/Ministry? Share your country’s experience?
  • How are you scaling Towards a Future-Ready Government: People-Tech-Governance?
  • Has your budget for digitisation been positively or negatively affected by the crisis?
  • What are your top 3 challenges for the coming months/year?

You can download a thematic PPT template at this link



12:30 CET

Welcome & Introduction

Karen Kee, Assistant Director of the Government Technology Agency of Singapore

Peter Littlefield, Chief Information Officer (CIO) Employment and Social Development Government of Canada

GROUP 1 Country Reports by:
Australia, Belgium, Canada & The Netherlands
| Q & A
GROUP 2 Country Reports by:
Cyprus , Estonia, EU, Finland & Israel
| Q & A
GROUP 3 Country Reports by:
Japan, Mozambique, OECD, Portugal & Romania
| Q & A
GROUP 4 Country Reports by:
Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan & Uruguay
| Q & A

14:30 CET

Closing of the Country Report Session