FWD50 Training Event

Check out the FWD50 training event, taking place from November 3 - 9, 2020. FWD50 is a leading global digital government gathering held annually in Ottawa, Canada.

53rd Conference in Review: Seamless Government | anticipating citizens’ needs

Annual Conferences


During this year’s event, themed "Seamless Government | anticipating citizens’ needs,” we looked into the proactive personalisation of Government services when it comes to knowing the citizen, protecting the citizen and leaving no one behind. In respect to service delivery we discussed tech trends and relevant applications; GaaP and where the private sector fits in; while looking deeper into how this ecosystem becomes more complete with the participation of International Organizations but also the private sector. After all is it only Governments who aim for this seamless service delivery?

Inside Finland’s digital revolution

Finland's National Representave to ICA, Anna-Maija Karjalainen, in an exclusive interview with GovInsider shares Finland’s focus on AI; why it has reformed its digital identity vision; and how it is pioneering services for marginalised residents, including asylum seekers and the elderly.

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How is the Digital Revolution shaping Government Administration & what will the revolutionising AI era bring with it?

The Finnish Ministry of Finance organized the 52nd ICA Conference in Helsinki during 3 - 6 September.

52nd Conference in Review: Transforming Nations | from e to d to AI

The 3rd -6th of September saw yet another successful ICA Conference event take place, this time in Helsinki, Finland.