Conference Approach

Open Government – Making It Work

The Internet and innovative technology enable citizens to have a greater say in national policymaking, effecting a transformational change in the relationship between the public and the governments that represent them.  Governments around the world are stepping up to use online tools and advanced technology to make their processes more transparent, to encourage informed public participation, and to foster collaboration across government and with other sectors of society.  Advances such as cloud computing, mobile technology and better security allow unprecedented efficiencies in the use of technology, which will make it easier to engage citizens as active participants in determining government priorities.

At this conference, participants from more than 20 countries will explore the many ways governments are using technology to invite the public in, to solicit citizens’ ideas and comments, and to make themselves accountable to the people they serve, including:

  • New Technologies. Countries will share their future technology directions; showcase the new technologies adopted for government services; and discuss the opportunities and challenges of cloud computing.
  • Open Government. Participants will engage in small group breakout sessions to discuss government initiatives to increase transparency of information and administrative processes, measure efficiency and effectiveness, expand public participation and foster collaboration with partners.
  • Mobile Government Services. Countries will share their experiences in the implementation of mobile government services that are accessible any time, any where.
  • Cyber Security Management. Countries will share their experiences in managing the ever present cyber threats to ensure the safety of government digital assets