Governance Framework for a Data Driven Public Sector

Join the dialogue on how public sectors world-wide are leveraging open data to design data-driven public services. This year the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the International Council for IT in Government Administration (ICA) will be hosting their annual conferences in September and November 2016 discussing two perspectives on designing data-driven public services. The OECD Working Party of Senior Digital Government Officials (E-Leaders) conference will be held in September 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia focusing on “Data Driven Public Sectors.” The OECD conference will be followed in November 2016 by ICA’s annual conference in Medellin, Colombia in South America entitled “Digital Government: Designing for the Citizen Experience.” Both of these conferences offer the attendees an opportunity to participate in a robust conversation about their experiences, lessons learned and successes when making government data accessible to the public for use in creating a transparent and participatory government and designing data driven services.

Trust, satisfaction and loyalty are key measures of the quality of the citizen experience. Performance data is available from all delivery channels including web analytics, mobile, social media and apps. Customer satisfaction data is available from surveys, focus groups, and other voice of the customer (VoC) programs. A citizens’ experience is based on their full journey to complete a transaction from the time a citizen has a problem to solve or needs government information through the transaction and follow up. The citizen’s overall journey to complete a transaction should be measured as well as at each touchpoint in the journey. This data should be used to further enhance the service design.

Accessibility to government data has proven to have many advantages and some challenges. Governance frameworks such as Chief Data Scientists or Chief Data Officers are being used throughout the world to support a data driven public sector. In addition, policy frameworks that clearly articulate the roles and responsibilities and levels of authority are necessary as open data matures. Leveraging an open data platform is also incorporated into the full spectrum of open data tools.

OECD and ICA have entered into a partnership to bring the knowledge and experience along with the ability to have a conversation online about each of these topics prior to the conference. In June 2016, OECD and the ICA will release a blog entitled “Governance Frameworks for a Data Driven Public Sector.” After a two-week conversation, a webinar will be held to discuss the issues in person virtually. This will ensure that the participants come to the conference with knowledge and understanding of the topic and begin the discussions well informed. This process will be replicated starting in September in preparation for the November ICA conference as well.

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