Public Governance for Inclusive Growth: Ministerial meeting

Hosted by the Government of Finland in Helsinki, the Ministerial (28 October) will provide an opportunity for Ministers to discuss the pursuit of inclusive growth ‒ policies that can generate growth and jobs, while ensuring that benefits are widely shared ‒ through a public governance angle.

The meeting will also feature the launch of the “Regulatory Policy Outlook”, the first evidence-based, comparative analysis of the progress made to improve the way countries regulate. As part of the Ministerial meeting, countries are currently running national youth engagement activities (Youth Fora). The Fora will culminate in a Youth Dialogue with Ministers in Helsinki (27 October) where young people will discuss the main messages from the national Fora in an informal setting with Ministers. Young people are encouraged to enter the OECD Inclusive Growth Poster Competition for a chance to have their views on what inclusive growth means for them displayed at the Youth Dialogue and at the Ministerial.