Report: Delivering an Improved Citizen Experience through User-Driven Design Approaches

Over 40 participants from 23 countries took part in the webinar themed “Delivering an Improved Citizen Experience through User-Driven Design Approaches.”

User-driven design approaches which bring the citizen or customer into the process from the initial designs through the development and testing process can ensure that the services launched meet their needs.

  • What are the issues you are facing as you design government services?
  • How have you accelerated the creation of government services that are meeting the expectations of the public?
  • How does your government engage with the public to understand their expectations? How do you know what matters to your customers?
  • How did you measure success in meeting the citizen’s expectations?

We will continue the conversation at the ICA Conference in Medellin, Colombia in November.

For a full report and presentations of the webinar:

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