PART III | “Digital Immunity Passports" (2)

Tuesday February 16th, 2021

PART III | "Digital Immunity Passports"  
11:30 CET

Opening & Welcome

Welcome: Karen Kee, Programme Committee Chair
Deputy National Representative | Singapore

Vasilis Koulolias, ICA Chair
Deputy National Representative | Sweden

11:35 CET

Objectives of Part III of this Webinar Series

Webinar Coordinator: Peter Littlefield, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Employment and Social Development | Government of Canada

11:40 CET

Global Overview

Vaccine Ops & Digital Immunity Passport

For most countries, an extensive vaccination process is underway. There are currently ongoing discussions in the EU, WHO, WEF as well as within most countries on how vaccine-certificates can be part of the effort to reopen the global economy and enable cross-border travel. However, for a number of countries it is “test and learn” for the vaccine ops that will ensure that everyone is offered the vaccine soon.

European Commission: Natalia Aristimuno Perez, Acting Director of Directorate D -
Digital Services, EC- DG Informatics (DIGIT)

World Health Organization: Speaker to be confirmed


12:10 CET

Vaccine Ops

Leaving no one behind! Best practices on digital solutions deployed, in order support the distribution and certification of the COVID-19 vaccine strategy.

Greece: Speaker to be confirmed

Iceland: Ingi Steinar Ingason, Head of the National Centre for eHealth,
Directorate of Health

Israel: Barak Shukrun, Head of Data, Israeli Health Ministry


12:50 CET

Digital Immunity Passports

There is a variety of different possible design-schemas for building an infrastructure and corresponding applications for vaccine-certificates since preconditions differ among states. Some have central vaccine registries; others have decentralized and while a number even face incomplete or non-compatible systems for registering vaccines.

  • How can states technically build digital systems for the issuing of vaccine-certificates?
  • How can states generate a common administrative process that would cultivate a regime of mutual trust in order to guarantee the authenticity of the certificates for them to be recognized globally.

Australia: Peter Alexander, Government Chief Digital Officer, Digital Transformation Agency (DTA)

Estonia: Speaker to be confirmed

Sweden: Magnus Enzell, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure


13:20 CET

Round-up and Action Points

13:30 CET

End of Special Session