Country Reports

Country reports are one of the most important outputs ICA generates for its member countries. They offer immense value, provoking great discussions at ICA conferences and offering information and learning opportunities for our members.

They are unique and differentiate ICA from other international organizations. The collection of statistics, trends, insights and analysis in these reports, and the summary report we publish each year, are not available in one place anywhere else. They afford ICA members an invaluable perspective on the status of ICT in government and insights into common areas of national concern.

ICA recognises that your Country Report can duplicate work done elsewhere in completing similar Annual Reports for home consumption. Where this takes place and where agreement is obtained from local authorities for such information to be made available to ICA we would be happy to accept these reports as part or all of your own Country Report. However, you are kindly asked to make an effort and address this year’s conference theme of "Scaling Towards a Future-Ready Government: People-Tech-Governance" by focusing as much as possible on the following:

  • Digital actions taken with regards to COVID-19? What were the lessons learnt?
  • Changes to the working environment within your Agency/Ministry? Share your country’s experience?
  • How are you scaling Towards a Future-Ready Government: People-Tech-Governance?
  • Has your budget for digitisation been positively or negatively affected by the crisis?
  • What are your top 3 challenges for the coming months/year?

 The country reports should be submitted by October 1st. A Country Report webinar is in the plans for Member States, at a date soon to be announced.